My car blog dedicated to mostly RX7's and
all things Rotary with a splash of my other
car preferences :)

I'm a big car junky, mainly RX7's and other
Rotary powered vehicles; Though I also
love miatas :D
THEM (but I guess I'd be lying if I didn't say
that a nice chunk goes to eating lavishly) I
also love Motorsports, Because to me
Form is nice and I like to incorporate it, But
Function wins hands down. I focus on
watching and partaking in road racing and
drifting. But I love the rush of blasting
through canyon roads at three in the
February 6th 14 · 1,374 notes
Time to restart this blog… and update everyone with what’s been going on in my life car wise.
June 10th 12 · 2 notes A sad and random thought.

While driving a C63 AMG at work last night I thought how depressing it is that big loud naturally aspirated engines are slowly being phased out for economical reasons. The Mercedes AMG division is adding more and more turboed cars to their line up so they can still get that massive horse power but at the same time get good gas mileage when you aren’t spooling. Don’t get me wrong, I love turbos with a passion but there are just some cars that are meant to be naturally aspirated. Mercedes AMG’s fall in to that category; Luxury muscle cars as I see them. The noise they emit is absolutely stunning when you put your foot to the floor.

My Friends FD and my FC… 
Typical Rotaries with their hoods popped :P
Got to drive an Audi R8 last night, definitely an awesome experience :D
June 4th 12 · 3 notes

Hopefully I can land this job.

if so, buying an FD might be next in line. 

Gave the two Mazda’s a bath.